Erik Erikson Psychosocial Stages

Topics: Developmental psychology, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Identity Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Summary of the Article
To summarize this article is basically showing the identity development from a lifespan perspective. This article discusses the different developmental stages from childhood stages until the adulthood stages. In order to better investigate or research these stages they make use of Erik Erikson’s psychological theory to do so. After researchers did the studies they found different patterns of psychosocial balance which were found for each identity style with largely consistent findings. Included in this article are the research findings from empirical studies. It seemed for many individuals identity development is a lifelong process that ranges well past the years of adolescence. Summary of the Theory

The person identified with this theory is Erik Erikson. Erikson’s psychosocial theory is composed of eight developmental stages which span throughout the course of life. Each stage presents the individual with a natural task or conflict that they must successfully resolve to proceed with development. He placed a great emphasis on sociocultural factors because he believed these strongly influenced developments. Erikson believed that childhood identification is the foundation for identity formation in adolescence. One of the main elements of Erikson’s psychosocial stage theory is the development of ego identity, (ego identity develop through social interaction). The concept of this theory emphasizes that humans continue to change and develop throughout their lives and that personality is not exclusively formed during the early childhood years. This idea is helpful and optimistic and many believe it is too realistic. According to Erikson our ego identity is constantly changing due to new experiences and our daily interactions with others. This concept was very powerful for self-awareness and improvement, and for teaching and helping others. Erikson’s model of psychosocial development is a very significant, highly regarded and meaningful...
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