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Erie Canal

By rebeccahthomas Mar 30, 2011 329 Words

During the 19th century, the construction of the Erie Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad led to economic growth in the United States. The Erie Canal was manmade and goes from Albany all the way to buffalo. The Railroad starts in the West and goes to the east, the railroad was to bring goods from the West to the East and/or from the East to the west…

The Erie Canal is 4ft deep and 40ft wide, the Erie Canal was also manmade. The Erie Canal was a cheaper way to transport goods (such as raw meats). The Erie Canal and the Railroad were both cheap and reliable. Also stated in Document 1A “commercial vessels could now travel north up the Hudson River and all the way to Lake Erie.

The Continental Railroad a railroad that was built in the 1800’s, it was mainly to transport goods from the West to the East and/or from the East to the West. The Railroad allowed processed goods to be brought to the eastern cities. From the eastern cities they shipped manufactured goods and they were sold to westerners. The Railroad was motivated in a part to bind the eastern and western states of the United States together.

The Erie Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad led to economic growth in the United States. First off the Erie Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad were cheaper, safer, and reliable to ship goods and/or travel. The Erie Canal connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, and the Transcontinental Railroad is a giant railroad that connected the east and the west. The Erie Canal also brought more population to the Hudson River, the New York City harbor before the establishment of the Erie Canal was ranked the fifth largest seaport (partly stated in Document 1A). Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Orleans were larger then New York’s harbor before the upgrade. Those reasons led to economic growth in the United States…

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