Eric Peterson

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Issues and Problems

Case Analysis
1. Case Summary
2. Actors and Protagonists
3. Issues and Problems
4. What should Peterson's goals be for the meeting with Knight? 5. What can Peterson do to prepare for the meeting?
6. What are the most critical organizational issues for Peterson to deal with? Classify them into urgent and long term action items? 7. What went wrong during management's visit, and what could Peterson have done differently? 8. What lessons does Erik Peterson's story yield to you? As a management career aspirant, what steps you would take saving yourself from getting into such situation. 9. Do you agree with Richard Jenkin’s perspective on firing Peterson? Substantiate your view with facts presented in the case. Case Summary

This case is about Mr Eric Peterson and his career at Green Mountain Telephone Company (GMTC). It discusses his journey over as General Manager in GMTC, his educational background and problems faced during the work course at GMTC. Case gives details of the HR issues within the organization and depicts the characteristic behavior of individuals during the panic situation. It tells about the strategy adopted by Eric for completion and rol out of projects but difficulties faced by him during the journey that includes clashes amongst the co-workers, superiors and higher ups. It also depicts the inability of Eric towards persuading the seniors about the decision and plans about the projects and his failure in getting guidance for further steps. It figures out the inability of Eric towards handling team and subordinates so to convince them his way of working, which in course affects the new recruits and uncertainty in organizational structure regarding pay scales and experience. Eric seems unaware and inexperienced in prioritizing his work and schedule for the meetings and points to be raised in such meetings. It shows lack of enthusiasm from Eric side. He worked as GM but actually wasn’t able to perform simple role...
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