Eric Gall's “Little Brother is Watching”

Topics: YouTube / Pages: 15 (502 words) / Published: Apr 30th, 2012
Brandon Lehmann
March 8th, 2012
English 98
Section 1178
Little Brother is Watching In “Little Brother is Watching” Eric Gall talks about the positive and negative effects of the website YouTube. He starts off by talking about Michael Richards, Kramer from the sitcom Seinfeld, and how he was filmed when he had a racial meltdown towards an audience member which was uploaded to YouTube for the world to see. Students upload videos of their teachers “losing it” in class and also uploading it to YouTube. Gall does state good causes such as an engineer for the US Coast Guard and how he made a home video and put it on YouTube showing serious security flaws. With that video being uploaded to YouTube, the US Congress, the Navy, as well as the media helped him advance and defended his case. The negative effect of videos that Gall stated was interesting. There are always people filming someone without their knowledge. To us, a video uploaded on YouTube of someone embarrassing themselves is funny, but to the person it most likely is something that they don’t want to be seen. There also could be a video of a celebrity people like doing something they never expected them to do. A good example of that would be the Michael Richards, known as Kosmo Kramer from Seinfeld, video that Eric Gall talked about. I video that I stumbled across one day was of these foreign people carrying a dog and dropping it off of a bridge laughing about it. It was taken off a day later. The positive effect of videos however, is what the majority of YouTube is. There are videos of people doing heroic acts, people singing who may later become famous, something inspirational, and many others. I prime example of a positive video is about a kid in middle school being picked on because of his weight. After the bully slapped him a couple times the kid picked him up and slammed him on the ground. Ever since the video was uploaded, he has become a huge inspiration to kids that have been or are being

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