Eric Clapton

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Have you ever heard of Eric Clapton's song "Layla"? Well it's a really good song. When you think of an artist such as Eric you would think how did he came up with that sound in his music and there is an answer. His music is influenced by the old catchy blues genre.Eric Clapton is an English guitarist and song writer who was mainly influenced by blues, who is referred to as one of the most influential guitarist of all time. ITS ALL ABOUT THE BLUES ROCK

When we think about blues a thing that comes to our mind is African Americans playing that catchy sound that characterizes blues. But as time advanced several genres of music deviated from blues and one of them is the famous blues rock.

Blues rock is a music genre that has the sound of the twelve bar blues combined with a rock and roll style. This sub genre began to develop in the mid 1960s with bands from the UK and the US experimenting with the music from older American bluesmen. As time progressed by the early 70s you couldn't really tell the difference between blues rock and hard rock.(

Eric Clapton was born in Ripley, Surrey , England. He was raised in a musical household. At the age of thirteenth he asked for a guitar and got it , but Eric thought it wasn't a really good one so he lost interest. Two years later was when really started to play and practice. As a young teenager he grew up listening to blues music in the radio. He became passionate for the music with time and in 1963 was when he joined his first band; one that was influenced the blues and rock and roll sound. He remained in this band until 1965. Eric got into more bands as time passed. It was until the early 70s that he started his solo career.( WHERE DID HIS SOUND CAME FROM?

Eric Clapton grew up listening to blues music. In his early years he listened to Big ball brazy and Muddy Waters. Other guitar influences are: Freddie King, BB King, Albert King, Buddy...

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