Eric Church

Topics: Country music, Willie Nelson, Academy of Country Music Pages: 4 (1241 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Alison Baker
Ms. Davis
English 12
7 April 2013
Kenneth Eric Church
Everyone has their own opinion on “good” and “bad” music. But the fault lies within the decision on whether something is good or bad, because that is an opinion. Many artists have worked hard to evolve music into what it is today and all music deserves respect. One genre of music that has survived through the times and tribulations of our society is Country. It has shifted gears many times in history but has always kept a large following and catered to people who feed on reality. Country is said to be a dead genre, full of fake rhinestone cowboys that would not know the difference between a Chevy and a Ford, a Justin or a Laredo, or Budweiser and Natural Light. But today’s country artists are reviving the old outlaw ways. The foundation that was built on Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings is being fulfilled by Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, and the one and only Eric Church. What is it about Eric that sets him apart from other contemporary male country artists? It is that Eric does not dress up his act but presents it on a humble note so that anyone, young or old, big or small, rich or poor, can enjoy the unique sound of his music, and release their inner outlaw. Kenneth Eric Church is an influential contemporary country artist who enjoys creating real music for real people, who finds inspiration in past country music legends and movies, and uses his talents to create hits that make him a household name.

Eric Church has won over his large fan base by capturing the best of both worlds in his music (Tucker 1). Many of Eric’s slower songs have become his signature. Eric blends piano and acoustic guitar to create beautiful songs about love, heartache, and his childhood memories. He also manages to capture a completely different view with heavy honky tonk inspired music. Eric credits his music success to being all about the music itself. It is what...
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