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Warehouse Performance Measurement
Bryan Matt Cordova
Dan MichalleDameg
Sebastian PulmanoSamaniego


In 2008, S.C. TUDOR S.R.L.,became the leading firm selling stationery and office supplies from Bristita- Nasaud district in the last four years. Because of the increasing growth of the company, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of its current situation, particularly warehousing, in order to quantify its efficiency and effectiveness. Using process mapping andJohn M. Hill’s indicators(Inventory Management, Warehouse Performance, Order Fulfillment), the poor performance inside the warehouse will be identified.

In conclusion, the main solutions regarding the warehouse management are performance indicators and process mapping.
By applying the solutions, the firm will more likely reduce its costs.

Background of the Company

S.C. TUDOR S.R.L. was opened in Bristita in 1992 as a family company with three associates. Until 1997, the firm functioned sporadically, producing and selling knitwear. In 1997 the company changed its field of activity into wholesale and retail of stationery, office supplies, consumables and wrapping products. Nowadays, the company has three shops and two warehouses --- one rented and one owned.In 2008, the firm became the leading firm selling stationery and office supplies in Britita-Nasaud district in the last four years.

The warehouse owned by the company is located in Bristita and was acquired in 2003. The location of the warehouse was chosen because of the ff. reasons: near the trucks route, easy access to the facility and provides a parking area for the cars of the firm. It has three zones and can store about 1700 different types of products.

Review of related Concepts

* Warehousing –part of logistics system that stores products at and between point of origin and point of consumption. * Warehouse...
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