Topics: Desiderius Erasmus, Renaissance, Catholic Church Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: December 11, 2013
Erasmus of Rotterdam

As the Renaissance was taking place in Italy in the 15th century, it brought new ideas to the way society thought. One big change was the idea that individualism was a good thing advocating a sense of reaching success through ones own work. This idea drove people away from traditional mindsets, and especially away from traditional religious ideas. While this sort of atheist Renaissance was occurring in Italy, in the north a Renaissance of its own was occurring with religion as the base of the Northern Renaissance. Erasmus was one of the most influential leaders in this movement that was referred to as the Northern Renaissance. Erasmus was born in Holland and was raised there for much of his life, from an early life troubles that saw him faced with poverty led him to join the monastic order and to eventually be ordain in the catholic church. This personal experience is said to have been fuel for the harsh criticism that he would have for the catholic church. The most notable work that Erasmus is attributed to have changed the mindset of how the Catholic church operated was The Praise of Folly. The book was a criticism of the clergy and its corruption within the church, but although he criticized the church he never once thought about the idea of reforming away from the church. Luther was not one of his better acquaintances during his lifetime. Although Erasmus is known for the criticism of the church he is also very well known for his work with the Latin language, as he was a great author of the latin language. He during his lifetime used his great skill with the latin language to translate the new testament into latin and greek, well at least he modified and worked out some great fixtures. Ultimately, a good amount of praise is deserved for Erasmus, as he not only moved the latin language into the humanistic movement of the Northern Renaissance but also led the church to reform for the better.
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