Era of Reconstruction

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In the era of Reconstruction to the end of the 19th century, the United States underwent an economic change marked by the rapid expansion of big business. The rapid corporate growth in America started in the end of 1860s, after the end of Civil War. The first period of Big Business rise matched with important changes in the American society. These were the end of Civil War, abolishment of slavery and several other political reforms, resolution of social tension between the North and the South, and economic recovery of the South, known as Reconstruction. Unlike the Civil war, the rise of big businesses took place without violent political transformation because the past historical events already established all the political conditions for a peaceful economic change.
Wealthy people like Cornelius Vanderbilt and Andrew Carnegie had great influence and control over the post-Civil War economy and business in the United States. Although some of these large corporations led to the decrease in food and fuel, there were many small business owners and laborers who were left without jobs due to the deception and monopoly from these large business owners.
Many laborers were not satisfied with the standing of the United States due to the control of the large corporations. Wealthy business owners of large corporations were not restricted in anything that they did. Corporations were able to change prices and fire employees without a cause, giving them control over the goods and services that they provided over the nation. Many laborers were upset that they had to work long hours in dangerous conditions for these businessmen who paid them low wages and took away their independence and individualism. Laborers also had little or no say in their government; they wanted government restored to the hands of an average person in order to end their injustice.

The social tension around 1920’s was a large extent due to the recoil from Nativists and the KKK

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