Era of Good Feelings

Topics: United States, James Monroe, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: March 22, 2007
The Era of Good Feelings was one in which the federalist dissolved thus leaving only one party; the republicans which left no room for party politics, this resulted into nationalism which was emphasized not only with that of Madison's letter but also the Star Spangled Banner, the Bonus Bill, the Monroe Doctrine, The Court Decisions of John Marshall and most importantly National Spirit through the U.S. After the win of James Monroe a Virginian Republican president nationalism was looked at through that of a great perspective wherein Monroe won 231 of the electoral vote verses Adams who only won 1 of the electoral vote.(Doc I-Presidential Election, 1820) Also as the war between American and Britain came to a halt there were some minor issues that took place however, both countries settled the disputes between each other rather than going to war. This is because the British had taken note to U.S. sovereignty, therefore the U.S. was able to put forth Nationalistic ideals seeing that one of the strongest European nations had now respected the sovereignty that we a young country had established. This was followed by a letter that Madison wrote to congress in 1815 which represented once again the spirit of National Pride. With such aspects of National ideals in place National Spirit could take place wherein flags, words, prominent symbols and slogans were used to increase Nationalism. There were many things done by two main people such as Henry Clay and John Sea Calhoun who promoted nationalism in that they wanted to work on projects which would benefit that of the county and not just one region. This would be profitable for everyone thus being profitable for the nation at large. Calhoun showed this by introducing the Bonus Bill which would build roads, canals and create internal improvement. Calhoun saw this as a necessity because he saw that transportation during the war was brutal because supplies for soldiers were dragged through trails...
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