ER Nurses

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Emergency Trauma Nursing
When one walks in an emergency room, one will find ER Nurses, ER Doctors and Trauma Nurses. The difference between an ER Nurse and a Trauma Nurse is ER Nurses handle every kind of patient that comes into the ER, while Emergency Trauma Nurses only work on Trauma patients. Emergency Trauma nursing consists of registered nurses who work in Emergency Rooms or Trauma centers. Emergency Trauma Nurses have to complete a one year course in order to work in hospital or stand-alone emergency rooms and, then provide care to patients who have suffered serious and sometimes life threatening physical injuries.

Emergency Trauma Nursing takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Trauma nursing prepares registered nurses to give advance care to patients in emergency rooms, ICUS, trauma centers, and other emergency and critical-care settings. Emergency room nurses are generally nurses who have obtained a two-year degree from a registered nursing (RN) program. Although some states or institutions may allow nurses to work as RNs with a diploma from an approved nursing program and some may encourage the full four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), most places require their RNs to have earned an associate degree. Afterward, they must pass a national licensing examination that certifies their ability to work in the field of nursing (How to become a nurse). Once an ER nurses passes a national licensing examination, they will be able to start working on-field work.

Most hospital and institutional environment are clean and well lighted. Inner-city facilities and hospitals may be in less than desirable locations, and safety may be an issue. Generally, emergency nurses who wish to advance in their careers will find themselves working in larger facilities in major cities (Ferguson, 35). Emergency nurses can take certain classes that will make them qualified to transport using helicopters, such as Staff for Life, Ambulances and Airplanes....
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