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Topics: Dystopia, Feeling, Brave New World Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Equilibrium Movie AssignmentNovember 23, 2013
Name: Caroline Garcia
1. Libria represents a dystopian society because it involves bad and terror. Dystopia is created in Libria when both feelings and expressions are outlawed and to keep that from being outlawed, the people must take injections of Prozium to control their emotions. Some examples from the movie include: - People with feelings are caught by Cleric’s (Preston and Partridge). Once they have been caught they are known as sense offenders. They either burn them or kill them on the spot. - They destroy emotionally stimulating materials such as art, books and music and execute the people hiding them.  - Live in a monotone state.

2. In Equilibrium, dystopian is controlled by drugs, rebels, clerics and the leader. Meanwhile, in Brave New World, only savages and the world leaders have access to things like Shakespeare. Both sides have rebels. The lack of emotions both relate to the book and the movie. In BNW there is emotions but only happiness and sadness. No long-term emotions such as love and grief can be expressed. However, in Equilibrium emotions/feelings were not allowed to be present. Both of them relate however are different. They are both comparable by: - Drugs

Equilibrium: Prozium drug (Feel nothing)
Brave New World: Soma drug (Makes them happy)
- Conditions
Equilibrium: Conditioned individually
Brave New World: Conditioned in Groups
- Killings
Equilibrium: Cremated/Incinerated for breaking the law
Brave New World: Cremated/Incinerated when they died.
- The use of technology to communicate with the citizens.
- Corporate and Bureaucratic control is used.
Therefore, Equilibrium and Brave New World are comparable but happen to do things differently based on their dystopian society. 3. Mary O’Brien resembles Lenina from Brave New World. They both connect in a way because in the movie Preston becomes obsessed with Mary. Meanwhile, John has a strong sexual attachment with...
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