Topics: Quadrilateral, Square, Rectangle Pages: 3 (325 words) Published: February 24, 2013
1. Which equation below represents the quadratic formula?

*a. -b±b2-4ac2a = x

b. a2+b2=c2

c. fx=a0+n=1∞ancosnπxL+bnsinnπxL

2. Which of the following represents a set of parallel lines?

a. Option one

b. Option two

*c. Option three

3. What is the definition of an obtuse angle?

*a. an angle greater than 90°
b. an angle equal to 90°
c. an angle less than 90°

4. Which formula below represents the area of a circle?

a. A=2πr
*b. A=πr2
c. A=π2r
d. A= √π
What geometric term is represented by the image below?

a. a corner
*b. a cross-section
c. the circumference
d. the perimeter

11. Using the data in the table below, calculate the mean, or average, number of points scored by Player B.

| Game 1| Game 2| Game 3| Game 4| Game 5|
Player A| 13| 12| 9| 11| 13|
Player B| 12| 11| 15| 20| 12|

*a. 14
b. 11.5
c. 13
d. 13.67

6. This instrument is commonly used by surveyors. It measures horizontal and vertical angles to determine the location of a point from other known points at either end of a fixed baseline, rather than measuring distances to the point directly. What is it called?

a. triangulator
b. binocular
c. tripod
*d. theodolite

7. What is the name of the missing shape in the flowchart below?

a. Acute
b. Obtuse
*c. Isosceles
d. Right

8. What category includes all of the items on the list below?
* Square
* Rectangle
* Rhombus
* Parallelogram
* Trapezoid
* Pentagon

a. Quadrilaterals
b. Triangles
c. Ellipses
*d. Polygons

9. Determine the area of the shaded portion in the diagram below.



* ABCD is a square
* ABCD touches the circle at 4 points
* The length of one side of the square ABCD is 2 cm

a. π– 4
*b. 2π – 4
c. 3π 2 – 4
d. 4π 3 – 4
e. 5π – 4
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