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Equality, diversity and rights

By codie0666 Oct 08, 2013 614 Words

This essay will explore the terms and meanings of equality, diversity and rights and how they are relevant to Health and social care. This essay will also explore the social, cultural and economic benefits of equality, diversity and rights. The meaning of the word equality is that all individuals have the same value but it doesn't mean that they all should be treated in the same way. Equality is an important aspect of society, everybody should have equal opportunities so they can reach their full potential, whatever that be. An example of equality could be ‘we have an equality and human rights legal framework covering employment practices to avoid working with discrimination’ [2013] ‘Equality means fairness and justice. In the health and social care sector this means everyone is entitled to equal access to any service when needed’ – P. Lawrence, Health & Social Care Level 3 In the health and social care settings, equality is to ensure that all individuals have fair and equal accesses to services like healthcare, medication. Equality also means that the needs from service users should be treated in a fair way. ‘All staff in a Health and Social Care setting play a role in delivering a secure environment which promotes equality’ [2013] We now live in a multicultural society this is because we live in a society with many different people from different cultures and religions, in a way it is an on-going learning process, we are learning so many new ways of living from other people, The word diversity is used to describe the differences between all individuals, each individual is different in each and every way and deserve to be treated just like everybody else. It’s very important to acknowledge them differences but still treat them with absolute respect. Diversity means valuing each individual for who they are, we live in a society that has a lot more diversity then what is used to but at the same time it has a long way to come. Cultural benefits of diversity include tolerance, education and language. It is important that education is respected, the educational system ensures that each child receives a free school education regardless of their background or culture. The education system has benefited from being more diverse and cultural in many ways, from the lessons taught in schools, to colleges and university. Language is very beneficial for people working in the health and social care setting because people who work in the profession and speak another language they have the opportunity to work outside of the UK. All these benefits help us appreciate how much Britain has changed and is still changing in relation to a cultural understanding and a Health and Social Care understanding of diversity.

In society we are not friends with everybody but Health and Social Care professionals have the duty and responsibility to act dignified, respectful and polite towards service users regardless of race, background, culture, even if they don’t hold the same values or beliefs. ‘Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world. Find out about your rights and our role in promoting and monitoring human rights’ – Human rights, Rights are what we’re entitled to because we live in this society. People have three main rights, these are, rights provided by legislation, human rights and rights provided by guidelines and policies. These rights should apply to all Health and Social Care settings. There are many more rights but the three listed are extremely important to ensure everybody receives a high standard of treatment by the Health and Social care professional.

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