Equality and Inclusion

Topics: Human rights, Discrimination, Rights Pages: 4 (745 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Equality and Inclusion

1. What do we mean by the following terms? 
a) Equality-
 b) Diversity
c) Inclusion
d) Discrimination  

A) Equality: is a legal framework to protect people against discrimination.

The Equality Act [2010] sets out the new public sector Equality Duty replacing the three previous duties for race, disability and gender. The Duty now covers the following ‘protected characteristics': Age

Gender reassignment
Pregnancy and maternity
Race (including ethnic or national origins, colour or nationality Religion or belief (including lack of belief)
Sexual orientation
Marriage and civil partnership

B) Diversity: treating people as a individual, allowing people to be different and respecting these differences It is also about challenging others if necessary and Speaking up for the individuals you support when they cannot speak up for themselves.

C) Inclusion: is a human right for every individual. The aim of inclusion is to embrace all people Irrespective of race, gender, disability, medical or other need, culture, age, religion and Sexual orientation. It is about giving equal access and opportunities and getting rid of discrimination and intolerance.

D) Discrimination: a preconceived attitude towards a person or group, for example someone’s race, religion, colour, sexuality, age.

2. Discrimination is generally a negative experience for individuals, while inclusion has positive benefits.  Think about this difference and describe some of the possible effects of both. a) Effects of discrimination

• Depression
• Anger
• Loss of self-esteem
• Isolation
• Feeling stressed or unable to cope

b) Benefits of inclusion  

• Acceptance
• feeling happy
• sense of belonging
• sociable acceptance

3. Where can you get information about equality and inclusion to improve your practice?

• Managers

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