Equality and Diversity Pttls

Topics: Affirmative action, Education, Discrimination Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: January 18, 2012

Discuss issues of equality and diversity and ways to promote inclusion with your learners. Review other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners.

To fully understand the above we really need to understand the terms. Equality means to be equal before law and without any discrimination. This is particularly important to minorities and to the poor. Through equality every one has the right to fair choices. Diversity is used to describe political entities who have identifiable differences in their background and lifestyles including ethnic minorities. Inclusion means to meet your learners needs, which some may have more than others. These needs should be appropriately met to enable full participation in the classroom.

The main issue related to equality and diversity would be exclusion. If the tutor does not meet the needs for those with a different background then it can often end with the student feeling not only left out but to feel neglected and can lead to missed lessons and also feeling that they don’t belong their. The tutor should be committed to providing equal opportunities for each of his/her students. “You should demonstrate your commitment to equal opportunities through everything you say and do in your work with adult students.”  (1993:13).

Promotion of equality within the classroom is not only an expectation but a requirement by law.
‘All students must feel that they are positively and equally valued and accepted, and that their efforts to learn are recognised, and judged without bias. It is not enough that they are tolerated. They must feel that they, and the groups to which they belong (e.g. gender, social-class or attainment groups) are fully and equally accepted and valued by you, and the establishment in which you work’. Petty (1998:69)

To promote inclusion within your classroom you will need to respond positively to the diverse needs of your learners. How you communicate with your learners...
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