Equality and Diversity in Further Education

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CTLLS Assignment Briefs

Option Unit 001 Equality & Diversity

1.1 Theory assessment
Candidates are required to:
1. research the following points
a) meaning and benefits of diversity and the promotion of equality and how this can protect people from risk of harm b) forms of inequality and discrimination and their impact on individuals, communities and society c) relevant legislation, employment regulations and policies and codes of practice relevant to the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity d) own experiences of their organisation’s culture, strategies and approach e) strategies for dealing with systems and structures which do not promote equality and diversity and how working with other agencies can promote diversity f) undertake a professional discussion explaining ways in which your behaviour and communication can support equality and diversity 2. Produce a written rationale of between 750 and 1000 words for all areas of research in 1) above, a methodology for their area of research, their approach taken and a précis of their findings. Make links with the relevant aspects of the practical assessment for this unit. 3. evidence their research undertaken, eg through notes, internet findings etc. 1.2 Practical assessment

Candidates are required to:
1 Prepare session plans which incorporate evidence of equality and diversity, including relevant resources selected (this can be for groups and/or individuals) 2 Deliver sessions effectively, demonstrating ways of communication and behaviour which support equality and diversity 3 Complete relevant records, and support and liaise with others as necessary 4 Evaluate their delivery, identifying own strengths and areas for development in promoting equality and valuing diversity to protect people from risk of harm, using effective communication, and log their teaching practice on Form 9.

General guidance to candidates:

1 At Level 4, candidates...
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