Equality and Diversity Essay

Topics: Nursing, Care of residents, Nursing home Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Equality and Diversity

I am writing a reflective account on how my personal beliefs and experience’s influenced my professional interaction with various groups and individuals. For example my first job in the care industry was working at a nursing home for residents with all forms of Alzheimer’s. I had never done this type of work before, so my first day for me was both a new experience and environment. I had never dealt with people who have a communication barrier, where they could not express their emotions. Before having worked in the care home, and not having any knowledge on Alzheimer’s, I would have categorised them all in the same box, i.e. all being the same as opposed to possibly having different stages and levels of Alzheimer’s. I also found it hard to grasp and understand how you could forget the basic aspects of what we do in everyday life i.e. eating, drinking and remembering your own name. I therefor found it hard to communicate and engage with them, as I did not understand their condition. Prior to working with Alzheimer’s patients I had never come across somebody who, not only had Alzheimer’s, but in addition was hard of hearing and/or partially sighted. I found this difficult at first because I didn’t know how to interact with them. I overcame this by learning to understand each one of their characteristics, by the way they spoke, mannerisms, their body language and by getting to know them as an individual. I learnt how I could interact with them on a one to one level and ascertain their needs and requirements. Alzheimer’s patients need a certain level of care, therefore I undertook training that was offered by my place of employment. This included a person first and dementia second course which explained how the resident should always come before the dementia and how their best interests should always be taken into account as a first priority. In addition I undertook a course on palliative care. This taught me how to care for somebody who...
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