Epitome of a Woman

Topics: Woman, Maya Angelou, Education Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Epitome of an Woman
Maya Angelou has been an inspiration not only to me, but to women all around the world. Her colorful works of art aspire me to be all I can be; from” I know why a cage bird sings” to “Phenomenal Woman.” This particular piece spoke to me because of I think of that special person in my life every time I stubble across it. This poem speaks of a woman whom is phenomenal one. This story speaks of the beautiful magohany woman who gave me life.

Growing up you have to find yourself as a person, such your identify. What do I what to be? What do I want to become? Will I be remembered for what I’ve done? I am the young lady I am today because of a woman. Wondering my story well here it goes. I was born in the cold, crisp, apple state of Rochester, New York, on September 19th, 1991. I was born into a happy, warm, joyous home, which soon became a cold, sad, broken one. My father had a drinking problem, and he soon begins to violently abuse my mother. My mother left the relationship immediately and at the tender age of two my parents separated.

As I can recall my mother than went to Monroe Community College and obtained her AA degree in social work, Afterwards, one day while in the shower God spoke to her to go to a certain Seventh-Day Adventist intuition. My mother than enrolled into Oakwood University, in Huntsville, Alabama; I attended Oakwood Elementary. My mother worked, went to school full-time, and raised me. I always looked up to my mother as positive role model in my life. She has taught me to never take no for an answer in these walks of life. She has raised me in a God fearing home. She told me “Even though your father isn’t here, remember you still have your father above, he is dependable, and will never forsake you.

My mother than went on and graduated in three years with her Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Theology. Just as she has been here for me, I have always been there for her. Her little cheerleader cheering her...
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