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October 10, 2012
Essay #2
Change of Life

It all began with me trying to assess where am I headed. Wondering is life in this world as I see it, will I become the person that I know I can be. I started to question if I was happy in my current situation. Was my family proud of the man that I had become. Giving it all some hard thought I started to think that I can do better and that really no one was stopping me but myself. That’s when I began to think about college knowing that it would be the key to help me answer all those questions that I had. College would allow me to gain knowledge of the world. It would make my family proud, the fact that I would be the first one in the family to go to college. It would also change my life forever guiding me to become the professional that I wanted to be.

The thought of starting college was exciting knowing that I would learn so much about the world. Which is funny because I used to think that I already knew it all. I used to think that the world all of a sudden would fall on my lap and that I would be making millions by the time I was 23. When I reached that age and I had barely anything to my name was the one of the first times that I realized that life was not what I used to think it was. I would say that I suffered from what I would call the high school mentality. Where I thought that I was some hot shot and that someone would just offer me a million dollar deal, boy was I wrong. I realized that I was very impressionable and that at that stage in my life my brain really did not comprehend life. The education that I would receive from college would open my eyes to all the knowledge that humans have created and discovered. Helping me gain the knowledge so I can apply it in my future for success and change my mentality on how I viewed the world.

Going to college would be a first for my family. It would make...
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