epilogue for book Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies Epilogue

All of us followed the Naval Officer to his life boat. We all went onto the navy war ship and then we were all assigned cabins. I was given one with a window. It was late and we were told to sleep. The doors locked, and the pale light of the moon shone through my room. In the room stood a sink, toilet, and a small cot. The room was made of metal, and the door had a glass window that reflected fluorescent light into the room. The window on the opposite side of the room let in the natural light of the moon. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Today marks the day that we were all saved two years ago. The war had ended in a stalemate with both sides realizing neither could win. Moscow, London, Paris, and Berlin had all been obliterated. Leaving only a ghostly set of ruins, the only evidence any of them had ever existed. All of us hadn’t spoken since we were rescued. The other boys had been released into the public, after the heavy examination. I am under watch in a mental hospital. I noticed a glimpse of light. Somewhere deep in my mind I sensed something familiar. I stepped up and discovered the source of the light. It was only the mirror, but a feeling of fear suddenly sent chills throughout my body.

I spun around and almost fainted.
“Ralph, please.”
It was Simon’s voice.
“Come to the mirror. Please.”
I cautiously stepped toward the mirror and the light grew brighter with each step. “I’m scared Ralph. You didn’t know.”
“We didn’t know what?”
“I never told you what the beast truly was.”
“It’s okay Simon.”
“No it’s not Ralph. You know that! And you told them…” “I’m sorry Simon! I’m sorry! I didn’t know!”Simon’s eyes were welling up with tears, which seemed to penetrate the glass. “They hate me Ralph. They hate me!”

“No they don’t they didn’t understand! They-“
Ralph noticed the tears coming from the mirror now, and realized he was crying uncontrollably. “When we-“
“Please Ralph…”
“When we attacked...
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