Epidermolysis Bullosa: Introduction

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Epidermolysis Bullosa
i.Can you imagine a child with painful wounds similar to burns covering most of his or her body? ii.Having to wrap your baby’s tiny finger with vasoline and gauze to keep the hand from blistering and webbing together. iii.Never being able to hold your baby for fear that their skin might shear off. iv.A child who could never run, jump or play with other kids because the slightest physical contract could injure their skin. v.Your child’s bath being one of the most painful parts of the day vi.A diet of only liquids because of blistering and scaring of the esophagus vii.A baby with bloody knees, just from crawling.

viii.Or a teenager with stumps for hands, due to the fingers healing and scaring together. ix.This is epidermolysis bullosa.

i.According to Christian Nordqvist’s article in Medical News Today, “What is Epidermolysis Bullosa, What causes it?” November 10, 2009, Epidermolysis bullosa is a group of rare inherited skin diseases that are characterized by the development of blisters following minimal pressure to the skin. ii.Blistering often appears in infancy in response to simply being held or handled. iii.In rarer forms of the disorder, EB can be life threatening iv.Patients have given the nickname butterfly children, because their skin is as fragile as a butterflies wings. v.There is no cure for the disorder.

vi.Treatment focuses on preventing and treating wounds and infection.

i.I wish to inform and spread awareness of EB
ii.I will cover four topics:
iii.First what causes EB
iv.Second what are the side effects of EB
v.Third well look at some case studies
vi.Fourth well see if its curable
a.First let’s see what causes EB
i.EB is a genetic disease, so that means it’s passed down from the parents. ii.EB can be inherited as he result of a dominant genetic abnormality (one parent has the gene) iii.Or a recessive...
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