Epic Aliguyon

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The Epic ALiguyon or Prowess of Aliguyon came from the region of Ifugao’s and Igorot’s The author of this Prowess of Aliguyon is Amador T. Daguio. The book was retold by F. Landa Jocano It is also known as Hud-Hud epic poetry. The Hud-hud epic poetry tells about the lives of native Ifugao heroes. The most notable epic hero is known as Aliguyon of the village of Gonhandan. Amtulao and Dumulao are the parents of Aliguyon . his parents teaches him many useful things around him and from the stories. The Aliguyon follows the life of the hero after which the story is named, who is gifted and posses the powers an strength. (he can travel to far places without resting or eating and has never been beaten in a battle). Aliguyon is a man endowed with supernatural powers and limitless energy. He can travel long distances without food and rest, and still arrive at his destination full of energy and without a trace of fatigue from the long journey He could catch and face any weapon from the air, and he could defeat his avenging foes. –He embarks on a series of fights with his arch-rival, Pumbakhayon came from the village of , the only warrior with skills that match his ability to fight . 

There is an account of Aliguyon’s duel with Pumbakhayon, a warrior of equal strength and agility from a village called Daligdigan. He is invincible during battle, as he can catch flying spears in mid flight while combating many men at the same time.

The duel lasts 3 years without anyone winning. So, in order to end things, Aliguyon decides to marry Pumbakhayon’s sister, thus unifying their tribes. . He is obsessed with killing all of his father’s enemies, but it turns out that his father does not have any enemies at all. Instead, his father insists that he find a worthy woman to be his wife. They fought for about a year and a half, rested and fought again for another year and a half. Then, the two reached a compromise and Aliguyon married Pumbakhayon’s sister Bugan. Likewise,...
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