epekto ng makabagong teknolohiya at kahalagahan nito

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Thesis chapter 3
Chapter III: Research Methodology

Research Design: This is where you will define what kind of research design and method you will use to your study. It could be experimental, quasi experimental or etc.. you can refer at my older post about the list of research design to use. Just be careful when choosing a design it could ruin the whole research if chosen mistakenly.

Procedure: This is where you will put the procedures that you will use in your study. Step by step process that you will do to your research. Be sure to put everything that you will do in your research, write the complete process and detailed explanation of what will happen next and what to do next.

Locale and Population: This is where you will write the total population or total number of participants or sample of the study that you will conduct. You will also include the exact place or location where you plan to conduct the research.

Description of the subjects/respondents: This is where you will put the complete profile of the respondents or the description of the subjects or samples. For instance you will use rats as a subject for the experiment, be sure to put what kind of rat, what family of rat it belongs and what size or age of rat that you will use. Will you use adults rats or small rats?

Instrumentation: This is where you will put the materials that you will use on the study. Do you plan to use cameras? Video recording instruments? and anything that you plan to use on the said research. Remember to include even a piece of paper that you will use for the study. Much better if you will include the estimated expense of the research.

Statistical Treatment: Write what kind of statistical treatment you plan to use on the study, sometimes the statistical treatment that you will use will depend upon on what kind of study the researchers are planning to do. There are lots of treatment to use but only some are fitted for each study. You...
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