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“Enzyme Activities”

Introduction: Enzymes have extremely interesting properties that make them little chemical-reaction machines. The purpose of an enzyme in a cell is to allow the cell to carry out chemical reactions very quickly. These reactions allow the cell to build things or take things apart as needed. This is how a cell grows and reproduces. At the most basic level, a cell is really a little bag full of chemical reactions that are made possible by enzymes (Brain). Laboratory will center on see how different factors can affect the productivity and efficiency of an enzyme. We will use potatoes’ juice to extract “Catalase” the enzyme that breaks down peroxide. When peroxide breaks down, oxygen is released. In our experiment we will measure the time a tiny piece of paper absorbed with potatoes juice will get to the bottom of the flask full of water and peroxide as it release oxygen. There is going to be a variation of the concentration of peroxide in the solution, as a total result we will observe the performance of the enzyme “Catalase”. Question: How will the concentration of the solute affect the productivity of the enzyme? Hypothesis: If there is a mayor concentration, oxygen will release in more quantities and then there will be less time for the paper to reach the top. Variables:


Seconds (s)
Peroxide concentration
g/ml (+/-0.1)
Temperature, Amount of catalase
Celsius, Millimeters (ml)

Paper punch

1. Use the paper punch to make paper discs from the same size. 2. Make different concentrations with different amounts of peroxide diluted in water. 3. With the forceps take one paper disc and submerge in the potato juice and then put the submerged paper in the different concentration solutions. 4. Use a...
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