Enzyme Lab Report

Topics: Chemical reaction, Reaction rate, Liver, Water, Surface area / Pages: 9 (2104 words) / Published: Feb 19th, 2014
Effecting the Reaction Rate in Enzymes in Plants and Animals Problem-
How do variables temperature and surface area affect the rate of reaction occurring in the enzyme? Information-
Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts. They speed up chemical reactions that take place in cells. Enzymes can be found in both liver and potato. They provide a site where reactants can be brought together to react. These reactants are called substrates that fin into the enzyme. The changing of heat, surface area, chemicals, and pH will denature the shape of the enzyme, not allowing it to do its function. Testing on peroxidase- an enzyme- will be done on an animal enzyme (chicken liver) and a plant enzyme (potato). For testing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) will be poured over the enzymes. When the enzymes in the potato or liver combine with the substrate Hydrogen Peroxide the enzymes break and form a chemical reaction 2H2O2 à 2H2O + O2. The more bubbling occurring, the more of a reaction there is. Hypothesis-
1. The rate of reaction in the potato or liver will decrease when the temperature is increased.
2. The rate of reaction in the potato or liver will increase when the surface area is increased. Materials-
• 100 mL graduated cylinder
• Ice and water
250mL beaker (2)
• Stirring Rod
• 4 Test Tubes
• Test Tube Clamp
• Hot Plate
• Potatoes
• Timer

• Test Tube Rack
• Mortar and Pestle
• Test Tube Brush
• Tweezers
• Ruler
• Balance
• Chicken Liver
• Knife
• Strainer Procedure- Testing Temperature
1. Gather all materials.
2. With a knife, cut a piece of chicken liver that has a mass of 2.5.
3. When that is calculated, place the chicken liver in a test tube. This will be used as the control since it will be at normal temperate. NOTE: If you are having trouble getting it to the bottom of the test tube, use a stirring rod to help push it down, and clean the stirring rod after each use.
4. Place the test tube with the chicken

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