Enzyme concentration affects the rate of reaction

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Hypothesis: I hypothesis that the enzyme concentration will affect the rate of reaction but only up until a certain point because there is a limited supply of substrate. Enzymes are protein molecule that acts as biological catalyst by increasing the rate of reactions without changing the overall process. They are long chain amino acids bound together by peptide bonds. Enzymes are seen in all living cells and controlling the metabolic processes in which they converted nutrients into energy and new cells. Enzymes also help in the breakdown of food materials into its simplest form. The reactants of enzyme catalysed reactions are termed as substrates. Each enzyme is quite specific in character, acting on particular substrates to produce particular products. The central approach for studying the mechanism of an enzyme-catalysed reaction is to determine the rate of the reaction and its changes in response with the changes in parameters such as substrate concentration, enzyme concentration, pH, and temperature etc. This is known as enzyme kinetics.   

One of the important parameter affecting the rate of a reaction catalysed by an enzyme is the substrate concentration, [S]. During enzyme substrate reaction, the initial velocity V0 gradually increases with increasing the concentration of the substrate. Finally a point is reached, beyond which the increase in V0 will not depend on the [S]. When we plot a graph with substrate concentration on the X axis and corresponding velocity on Y axis. It can be observed from the graph that as the concentration of the substrate increases, there is a corresponding increase in the V0. However beyond a particular substrate concentration, the velocity remains constant without any further increase. This maximum velocity of an enzyme catalysed reaction under substrate saturation is called the Vmax , Maximum velocity.  

Aim: - To investigate how enzyme concentrations can affect the rate of reaction

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