Enzyme Catalysis Lab Notes

Topics: Enzyme, Oxygen, Hydrogen peroxide, Water, Catalysis / Pages: 2 (416 words) / Published: Oct 31st, 2013
Enzyme Catalysis

Maltose sugar is broken apart by maltase enzyme

Substrate are molecules enclosed in the enzyme

Catalase: found in every living thing
Takes two molecules of hydrogen peroxide and converts it irreversibly to create oxygen gas and water 2H2O2O2+2H2O

Question: What variable affects the rate of enzyme catalysis most?
Variables Tested: Hydrogen Peroxide concentration, yeast concentration, heat and pH
10% glucose mixture
1.5 %, 3% and 6% peroxide mixture
Petri dishes
Graduated cylinders
Glass Beakers (size varies) pH 3.5 solution pH 11.5 solution
Paper towel


Place the petri dish on top of the scale.
Zero out the petri dish.
Pour in yeast until the measure of the weight is .3 grams while distributing it equally on the surface of the petri dish.
Pour 10 mL of glucose per 0.1 grams of yeast into the petri dish.
Allow 10 minutes for incubation.
Place a 1x1 inch piece of paper towel in the petri dish let soak for about 2 minutes then fold it in half and then place it into an empty 50 mL beaker.
Measure out 30 mL of 1.5% hydrogen peroxide concentration and pour it into the beaker
When all contents are poured in start the timer and watch the paper towel till it rises, stop timer when it hits the top.
Repeat steps 1-8 for But this time change the hydrogen peroxide concentration to 3%
Using the same concentration from steps 1-8(1.5% H2O2), add 3 drops of 11.5 pH to the hydrogen peroxide before pouring it into the beaker with the paper towel.
Do the same for 3 drops of 3.5pH.
Again use the same concentration mix with 1.5% H2O2 and repeat steps 1-8, but this time place the concentration on a hotplate set at two. Start timer as soon as its on the hotplate.
Repeat again steps 1-8 but the mixture will be .3g yeast to 5 mL glucose, incubation time is the same.
With this mixture test 30mL 1.5% H2O2 and 3%, separately. Record the time it

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