Enzyme Activity

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The objective of the Enzyme activity practical was to test the effects of temperature on an enzymes catalyzed reaction. Hydrogen peroxide was used to cause reaction when involved with different temperature levels. Throughout the experiment the data suggested that finding the optimum value involves testing the enzyme in different temperatures. The ideal temperature was 35 ̊C.

The purpose of this practical was to observe and understand the effects of changes in temperature and substrate concentration on the reaction rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. In this experiment liver will be used as a source of catalase. The oxygen is given off as a gas and, if detergent is added to the substrate, foam is formed. The volume of the foam produced in a given time can be used as a measure of the enzyme activity.

Hydrogen Peroxide --------------- Water+ Oxygen
2H202 ---------------- 2H20+ 02

If we change the independent variable (the temperature of hydrogen peroxide) then the dependent variable (the reaction rate of enzyme activity) will increase when the temperature increases until reaching optimum temperature that would be 35 ̊C.

- Pipette- Measuring Cylinder
- Thermometers - Fresh Liver
- Scalpel- Containers
- Chopping board- Detergent
- Tweezers- Ice
- Stopwatch - Salt
- Gloves- Boiling water

Independent Variable
- Temperature
Dependent Variable
Enzyme Activity
Controlled variables
Sizes of liver pieces
Amount of detergent
The time
Amount of hydrogen peroxide

1. Prepare all pieces of equipment
2. Cut 8 cubes of liver approximately 1cmx1cmx1cm.
3. Measure 9ml hydrogen peroxide into a measuring cylinder
4. Drop two drips of detergent into the measuring cylinder containing the hydrogen peroxide and swirl to mix. 5. Place ice and salt into a container and...
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