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1. Abstract

The assignment will be exploring some design approaches on environmentally friendly buildings and to define what is mean by the term “sustainable architecture”? Green architecture is a sustainable method of green building design: it is design and construction with the environment in mind. Green architects generally work with the key concepts of creating an energy efficient, environmentally friendly house. The environmentally friendly building materials and construction methods will be introducing in this assignment (e.g. precast concrete). And the government how to promote green building and sustainable construction in Hong Kong.


In recent years, we have seen movement in environmental concerns including development and facility introduction such as energy saving, longevity life, ecological tree planting surrounding real estate, where future environmental problems are seriously concerned. As for environmentally friendly building, we have an important term: “Sustainable Development”. The wealth, which we enjoy a lot by using buildings as places for living or working, must be obtained by future generations. So we have to build houses that minimize their load on the environment as well as meet standards of quality.

3) Definition of the “Sustainable Architecture”

Sustainable architecture is architecture which is designed in an environmentally friendly way. The goal of sustainable or “green” architecture is to create structures which are beautiful and functional, but which also contribute to a sustainable lifestyle and culture. Interest in sustainable architecture grew radically in the early 21st century in response to growing concerns about the environment, but in fact people have been building sustainably for thousands of years, because sustainable projects are often practical in nature

It is defined as "the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles". Sustainably designed buildings aim to lessen their impact on our environment through energy and resource efficiency. It includes the following principles: minimising non-renewable resource consumption

enhancing the natural environment
eliminating or minimising the use of toxins
Three Dimensions:

4.Case Study

Jockey Club Environmental Building

This project to achieve the target of being environmentally friendly.

a. Energy Saving & Orientation

The walls of the Jockey Club Environmental Building are very thick and are hollow in the center, which can reduce the heat intake in the summer and the heat loss in the winter. The thick outer wall also acts as shield.

Windows facing south and north directions are large and installed inwards on upper floors, giving a shade. On the other hand, window facing east and west directions are small. This can reduce the heat intake.

This building is not rectangular, therefore circular building design is the best choice because over all dimension of the building is circular instead of rectangular and that the total outer wall areas is smaller. It can save the building materials. Also with glass walls installed surrounding the atrium, natural sunlight is introduced and can be utilized to reduce the in house artificial lighting consumption in daytime, which can be reflected in the energy bill.

Sunlight can be a good lighting machine to use in the building. The skylight (Fig 4.1) at the centre of the building, to lead into the sunlight to the office as a result is can be saving electricity.

Fig 4.1 Skylight

b. Natural Ventilation

Right inside the open atrium, a footpath is introduced which links up the building and the park behind. This footpath encourages air circulation through the building. Wind flows through the footpath, enter the building. As hot air rises and escapes through the openings on top of building....
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