Environmentalism and Pollution Management Issue

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Environmental Pollution Assignment Options

Select and complete one of the following assignments:

Option 1: Environmental Pollution Simulation Review and Summary

Option 2: Environmental Pollution Scenario Review and Summary

Option 1: Environmental Pollution Simulation Review and Summary

View the Simulation “Managing Environmental Concerns and Resources” found in Week Four of the student website to prepare for this assignment.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word summary briefly describing the simulation background information and details. Include information on your decisions and performance:

• Complete the following three sections of the simulation:

o “All That Smoke”

o “A Heap of Trash”

o “The Energy Quandary”

• For each section of the simulation, make decisions on the optimal measure for addressing the pollution management issue.

• Analyze the optimal measure for addressing the issue using the Effect Prism, balancing popular acceptance, budget use, and pollution reduction.

• Provide rationale for the pollution reduction measures chosen from an environmental science perspective.

• Review any feedback on decisions and performance provided, including the effectiveness and acceptance levels for the chosen decisions.

• Discuss trade-offs for the various pollution reduction measures.

For example, bringing in legislation to install pollution control devices in factories may sound like a good choice, but installation of such devices is a huge expense, and there is likelihood of strong opposition by business groups.

• After completing all three portions of the simulation, take a screenshot of your results and provide them to your instructor.

1. Press Alt + Print Screen on your computer keyboard to create a screenshot.

2. Open a blank Microsoft®...
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