Environmentalism and Community

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Community Development
What is the relevance of community development to NSTP?

Objectives of Community Development
To contribute to the general welfare and the betterment of life of the people in the community. To facilitate the promotion, sustainability, support and maintenance of the community action. Community

- communities of place: defined by distinct boundaries and bound by a common political, economic and social system
- communities of interest: a group of individuals that share common interests, goals and rights under the same laws and regulations. Development
- refers to sustained efforts intended to improve or maintain the social and economic well-being of a community. Community Development
- seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills they need to effect change in their own communities. Community development
• is the planned evolution of all aspects of community well-being (economic, social, environmental and cultural). • it is a process whereby community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. The scope of community development can vary from small initiatives within a small group, to large initiatives that involve the whole community. Elements of Community Development

• Focus on the goals and needs of the communities • The encouragement of self-help
• Technical assistance from different line agencies • Integration of various expertise or cross-cutting issues • Felt needs of the community
Protocols in Community Development
1. Community Selection
2. Conduct Community Needs/Resources Assessment
3. Data Analysis
4. Community Presentation of Needs/Resources Assessment Results 5. Community Action
6. Ongoing community support, linking of communities, increasing leadership 7. Measuring success
8. State level support and responsibility
9. Transference of protocols and systems

Community Needs Assessment
A way of gauging opinions, assumptions, needs, key issues, and/or assets within a defined community. Needs Assessment: Why do it?
• Identify community needs, concerns and issues
• Target outreach programs
• Empower grass-roots action around needs
• Determine if needs have changed?
• Collect communities’ hopes/dreams/desires
Community Assessment Tools
• Focus Group Interview
• Public Issues Forum
• Secondary Data Analysis
• Community Survey Questionnaires
• Interviews
• Asset Mapping

Focus Group Interview
The focus group is a way to gather the opinions/ ideas from a small, targeted group of citizens. The intention of focus groups is perhaps more to build a synergy of thoughts and ideas than it is to make projections about the community. ADVANTAGES

• easy to conduct
• provides detailed info
• allows for issue probing
• stimulates thinking and discussion

• Ideas generated not necessarily prevalent
• small sample for effort
• difficult to analyze
• quiet folks suppressed
• requires participation
Public Issues Forum
Community forums are public meetings that involve residents to express their concerns about community issues, problems, and needs. ADVANTAGES
• Diverse members can share ideas
• Provides quick look at community issues
• Involves local citizens
• inexpensive
• Requires skill/time
• Opinions obtained only from those who attend
• May generate more questions or conflict
Secondary Data Analysis
Secondary data is data that is collected about a particular audience without having direct contact with that audience. It can often provide insight about emerging trends or issues in a particular community. ADVANTAGES

• Data already exists
• Fast & easy to access
• Data available for many geographic...
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