Environmental (wildlife) Inequality Caused by Consumption

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Environmental (wildlife) Inequality Caused by Mass Consumption Social Problems 203
Instructor James Knapp
March 31, 2014

2 Environmental (wildlife) Inequality Caused by Mass Consumption

The world’s dependence on products and gadgets to make life ‘easier’ or more ‘bearable’ just might be the cause of environmental and ecosystem melt-downs unlike the globe has ever seen. As stated in the Amphibian Ark (2008); “Imagine if found that a chemical in our food weakened our resistance to malaria and, when it entered the sewers after we washed it off our dishes, it actually cased mosquitoes to double their egg laying. We’d call it a perfect storm” (para. 1). Environmental inequality is not an unfamiliar term however, within the environment’s infrastructure exists our ecosystem in which multiple organisms and wildlife live, breed, kill, reproduce, and feed other wildlife and insects. There are studies that show the chemicals in our globe’s water supply are; atrazine (an herbicide), estrogen (from birth control pills), steroids, chytrid fungus (exacerbated by climate change), ethinyl estradiol (also an ingredient in birth control pills), and various perfumes and soaps. It is these chemicals and possibly other factors are involved in altering our amphibian wildlife causing infertility, deformities, and they are now claiming a new type of fungus.

The problem can be attributed consumption and it is a basic process to numerous economies and the current forms of globalization the effects are not only seen in the United States, but all around the world. How we extract what we need from Mother Nature...

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