Environmental Situation in Bangladesh

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Introduction To Biology| Heavy Metal Contamination In Rivers|

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Dr. S. M. Mostafa Kamal Khan (SKK)
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Sumaiya Murshed (101 0661 030)
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Executive Summary
A heavy metal is a member of a loosely-defined subset of elements that exhibit metallic properties. Heavy metals are simply a certain class of metallic elements. Some heavy metals that we have mentioned in this report are Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Copper, Iron, Antimony, Barium, Cadmium, and Thallium. Among the mentioned heavy metals, we have discussed about Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury widely regarding their contamination and their effects. We have also discussed about their sources in the river water Then, we have discussed about heavy metal contamination in Bangladeshi rivers, Aquatic animals and also about the effects of heavy metal contamination in River Buriganga. Finally, we have included about the removal and removing technologies of heavy metals.

Contents| Page No|
1. Definition of heavy metal| 4|
2. Introduction to Heavy Metals| 4|
3. Sources of Heavy Metals| 5|
4. Figure-1. Sources of Heavy Metals| 5|
5. Heavy Metals in River| 6|
6. Table-1. Concentrations in reservoir sediments| 7|
7. Arsenic| 8|
8. Lead | 8|
9. Mercury| 9|
10. Heavy Metal contamination in Bangladeshi Rivers| 11| 11. Heavy Metal contamination & its effect on the River Buriganga| 11| 12. Figure-2. Map, of Buriganga River Stations| 12|

13. Table-2. Concentrations in sediments| 13|
14. Table-3. Concentrations in water| 14|
15. Heavy Metal contamination in aquatic animals| 15| 16. Table-4. Concentrations in the fishes| 15|
17. Remedies for Heavy Metal| 15|
18. Figure-3. Heavy Metals| 16|
19. Techniques for Heavy Metal Removal| 17|
20. Figure-4. Machineries for removal of Heavy Metals| 17| 21. Conclusion| 18|
22. References| 19|
23. Appendix| 19|

A heavy metal is a member of a loosely-defined subset of elements that exhibit metallic properties. It mainly includes the transition metals, some metalloids, lanthanides, and actinides. Many different definitions have been proposed—some based on density, some on atomic number or atomic weight, and some on chemical properties or toxicity. The term heavy metal has been called a "misinterpretation" in an IUPAC technical report due to the contradictory definitions and its lack of a "coherent scientific basis". There is an alternative term toxic metal, for which no consensus of exact definition exists either. Heavy metal can include elements lighter than carbon and can exclude some of the heaviest metals. Heavy metals occur naturally in the ecosystem with large variations in concentration. In modern times, anthropogenic sources of heavy metals, i.e. pollution, have been introduced to the ecosystem. Waste-derived fuels are especially prone to contain heavy metals, so heavy metals are a concern in consideration of waste as fuel.

“Heavy metal” is one of the most widely spoken words among the environmentalists because of its severe contamination in the world’s environment. Unfortunately most people do not fully understand the real dangers of heavy metal poisons and just how common they are in our modern world. Fortunately, we can take steps to understand and minimize such threats through simple acts of education, prevention, and treatment that will help to lessen any negative impact on us and our family’s health. Heavy metals are simply a certain class of metallic elements. Our bodies require trace amounts of some heavy metals, including copper, zinc, and others, but even these can be dangerous at high levels. Other heavy...

References: 1. Heavy Metals (incl. Lead and Iron); 1st April, 2011
Heavy Metals in Water, Sediment and Some Fishes of Buriganga River, Bangladesh; 27th March, 2011
8. Heavy Metal (Chemistry); 29th March, 2011
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