Environmental Science I.A.

Topics: Surface runoff, Water pollution, Hydroelectricity Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: February 17, 2012
Entry number: 1
Time: 12:40 pm
Site Location: Dinthill Technical High School River and Farm Topic: Water Pollution.
Objective: To Evaluate the H2O quality of river in relation to adjacent land use pattern.

Introduction: The River Magna and the farm is located on the property of the Dinthill Technical High School, it was established in 1937 for about 75 years and going. On the the school farm land, they rear a lot of animals on the farm is 60-70 hectors of farm land. Approximately 6000 chickens are reared by the Dinthill Farm for Jamaica Broilers Company which they have four chicken pens, 120 pigs, 100 layers, 12 boxes of bees to produce honey, coconuts trees, 15 goats, 10 sheep, 20 cows which supply the kitchen at the school to provide lunch, 8 rabbits, 1 slaughter house, chicken litter, field and vegetables crops and also greenhouse all thee farming activities can be found on the Dinthill Farm the farm is 50km away from the Magna River, the river serves a lot of purpose for both domestic and creational activities to both the school and nearby communities. Activities: The temperature of the ambience and water was taken. Water samples were taken to do further testing in the lab. The flora and fauna of the area was noted.

Observations: It was observed at the Dinthill Technical farm and river is both commercial and Economical, because it both supplies the school and country with their supply of goods and also the bio-gas digester which supplies the school canteen with gas to provide lunch for the school population. The riverside bank was washed away due to soil erosion. There was a large amount of bamboo remains in the river and also along the edges. The river was polluted from the edge in the water. While walking to the river it was realized that there was a Hydroelectric Power Plant from the river to the school property. About 5 minutes away from the river we saw a building which used to be a pump house, upon reaching the house we...
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