Environmental Scan

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Environmental Scan
Claudia Hill
April 13, 2015
Thomas Blakely
Environmental Scan
Environmental Scanning basically is the process of ensuring the success of an organization this is over long periods of time. The organization has to periodically conduct analysis of the organizations success in the industry they are involved in business. Each business has a goal that they want to achieve; sometimes this can be a long range plan, or strategy for down the road. So in order to achieve this goal the organization has to go through an environmental scan of the organization, this is an evaluation of the company. The internal environmental challenges with events, trends, and issues, the expectations of the future, sometimes the internal challenges could be employers, shareholders and the board of directors, these different areas is the cultures of the organizations. Not only should internal environment challenges there is external environment challenges this includes economic, socio-culture and political and the areas if technology environments these involve customers, suppliers, competitors, financial institution, government and the media. Choice of Companies for Analysis of Environmental Scan

I chose the ford Motor Company I liked how they made the decision to self-analysis themselves with a SWOT Analysis this was a decision made in 2013. They as the company to take step back and to claim the how this company is functioning, so in order to do this environmental scan was conducted. This help the ford motor company to see where the company was in 2013 financially and they wanted to be, now being the first automotive company to manufacture and sell automobiles and automotive parts as well as being the 2nd largest US auto maker and the 5th largest vehicle seller in Europe. The headquarters are based in the United States the revenue of ford 2012 based out at $13.43 billion with a net profit of $5.665 billion this interested ford to decide to do a deep scan, a deep analysis of the company, this made the ford motor company to see and determine the company’s weakness and strengths both inside and the outside or the organization. Strengths

Fords strengths were that the company was strong and running in the United States and the members and statistics showed growing numbers in china. The launch if ECOnetic initiatives wanted to show launching probity of exploring levels efficient engines for ford held internal strengths this meant that ford was sound and stable, so they ford didn’t have to ask for a government bailout they were held strong fords internal strengths this meant that ford was sound and stable, so they ford motor company didn’t have any worries they first to make their investment status back. Weaknesses

The weaknesses that existed at the ford motor company, were external weaknesses this consisted of poor restrictions that the company was its poor efforts to try and decrease environment pollution, this implemented the ford motor company responsible for being the 7th worse air polluters in the world, here in the united states and over in china. The manufacturing plants responsible for this pollution, there was also an internal weakness that existed this was due to the higher structuring of being generous with the employees and their pension plans. The ford company also had weaknesses such as opportunities for improvement and total identifying of threats. Now since this information has been gathered it can be used for the creation of future goals with the process and procedures that need to be enforced in order for changes to take effect in order for the ford motor company to achieve their intended goal. The company’s goal was to have identification of the company’s strengths, weaknesses and internal and external weaknesses, it would help them to strive forward and become better than its competitors, the knowledge of the environmental can help ford to get their strategies and plans and goals in line to...
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