Environmental Reporting in India

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Environment accounting and reporting in India

Today, responsibility for such changes comes on the shoulder of business community to a large extent. And it is customary that businesses are disturbing the natural environment through their thoughtless operations. So, business community should fulfill its moral commitment towards the society by spending for tackling environment degradation. Environmental accounting and reporting emerges as a tool to assess benefits of changing environment from business communities’ point of view and costs from society’s point of view. Today an increasing number of companies and other organization are engaging in environmental management as part of their management strategies to specify measure for dealing with environmental issues and to internally carry out environmental conservation activities. EA is a tool to supplement environmental management. EA data is not only used by companies or other organizations internally, but is also made public through disclosure in environmental reports. The disclosure of EA data as one of the key elements in an environmental report enables those parties to get an understanding of the company’s stance on environmental conservation and how it specifically deals with environmental issues.

Though the concept of environmental accounting and reporting was first introduced in 1970 but not much progress has taken place in this direction. There are a number of issues which must be resolved to develop a proper framework of environmental reporting in the country. Following are some of the issues which need the attention of accountants and policymakers. 1. What should be the extent of environmental reporting in the annual reports. 2. How information must be disclosed in the annual reports. 3. Is there any relation between disclosure of environmental information and the other variables like profitability, size of company etc. 4. Identification of problems in environmental reporting. 5. To identify legal position on reporting environmental issues. 6. Development of some international standards for environment reporting. The developing countries like India are facing the twin problem of protecting the environment and promoting economic development. A tradeoff between environmental protection and development is required. A careful assessment of the benefits and costs of environmental damages is necessary to find the safe limits of environmental degradation.But unless the proper accounting work is done in this direction it is not possible to answer all the above issues. So the need is to carry out comprehensive research in this direction.


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It is submitted that I have done M Com and MBE from Punjabi University, Patiala and now working as Lecturer in Management at Modi College, Patiala. I hereby state that I am interested to enroll myself for Ph. D in the Department of Commerce. My proposed topic is ‘Environment reporting practices in India’ and my proposed supervisor would be Dr. J. S. Pasricha.

Please allow me to enroll for Ph. D. degree in the Department of Commerce and oblige.

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Environment accounting and reporting in India

When man is a social animal, a business organization is a social unit for two reasons: firstly its activities vitally affects the society and its members. This is because of the goods and services that it produces & sells and of the fact that large number of people spend the major portion of their adulthood working in one organization or another, which in turn moulds the way in which they act and behave. Secondly, it is society that will determine parameter within which business will operate. The society...
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