Environmental Psychology Article Analysis

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Environmental Psychology Article Analysis
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Environmental Psychology Article Analysis
Environmental psychology does not just study how man affects his environment but also how the environment and natural occurrences affect man. The continual cause and affect cycle from both sides of the equation give purpose to environmental psychology as well as incorporating other disciplines. Unlike many disciplines that have a single focus, the focus of environmental psychology covers many areas of concerns. It incorporates other fields of psychology along with medical and scientific fields. The recent natural disasters of Japan will advance knowledge and theories in environmental psychology. This paper is a summary of an article focusing on the psychological impact of these disasters and how these events will advance understandings and theories in environmental psychology. Article Summary

In the article, Psychological Impact of Japan Disaster…, Dr. Magda Osman, Psychology professor at Queen Mary, University of London, points out that the disaster in Japan had an immediate effect on thousands of citizens but the long term psychological effects are yet to be seen. “A disaster like the Japan earthquake has such wide-ranging implications, especially on the psychological well-being of those affected," Dr. Osman said ("Psychological Impact," 2011, p. 1). He proceeds by explaining the typical comradely reaction of communities after a natural disaster. This reaction is important to the rebuilding process. Individuals begin to assess the current situation, take control and respond. Dr. Osmond explicates that this initially felt drive of control and solution is short lived. Typically around the 60 day range, a second wave of reality becomes apparent and the true severity of the situation begins to become apparent. It is this event, according to Osmond, which triggers the severe depression outbreaks that follow natural disasters...

References: Queen Mary, University of London. (2011). Psychological Impact of Japan Disaster Will Be Felt ’for Some Time to Come’. Retrieved August 13, 2011, from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/03/110317102550.htm
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