Environmental Protection Agency Essay

Topics: Waste management, Recycling, Waste Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: November 15, 2014
Many organizations within the United States believe that America has been struck with a "trash crisis", however, this is not truly case from the recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) facts for 2010. Before, we start let us take a moment to discuss what trash or municipal solid waste (MSW) is. MSW is the collection of commonly used items that discarded by the general populace, many of these include packaging, food scraps, grass clippings, sofas, computers, tires and house appliances (EPA). Although the information from the EPA shows that the waste in pounds per person has increase from 3.66 to 4.43 in the time frame of 1980 and 2010, it is the amount the being recycled that has increased substantially going from a meager 10% in 1980 to about 34% in 2010. This had lead to a decrease in waste disposal by landfill by about 35% from year of 1980 taking it down from 84% then to 54% in 2010. The increase in recycling is put simply because the massive environmental campaigns in states, improvements in recycling technology, as well as thrift shopping.

Many Americans now, almost every day do some form of thrift shopping or thrifting. Thrifting is act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, or garage sale in hopes of finding items that interesting at a cheap price or as a way of providing for one's family. Since the economic downturn, many Americans are actually turning to thrifting to provide for their families, either shopping at dollar stores for their food, cleaning, and school supplies to shopping at Big Lots for everyday home appliances and clothing. They are smart shoppers looking for the best "bang for their bucks" so to speak. In truth thrifting isn't regarding as an option "for the poor" anymore but for financially conscience shoppers that looking for good deals, looking to save and put away money for unforeseen events, as well as those who seek to be environmentally active in saving a planet.

Another power is being used to decrease our...

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