Environmental Protection

Topics: Environmentalism, Pollution, United States Environmental Protection Agency Pages: 1 (457 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Environment Protection for the Future
Good Morning/Afternoon adjudicator, parents and listeners, my name is Jessica and my topic is ensuring the protection of the environment for the future. It might be beneficial now to clear away these beautiful green environments but it all adds up in the future when prices become steeper and breathing becomes harder to do. I want you to take a breath of air. (pause) It’s easy, isn’t it? It might not be as fresh as if you were on a mountain, but is considered fairly decent. Now hold your nose and put your lips together slightly. Then try breathing. It’s hard isn’t it? This is probably how it’ll feel like in the near future if we do not protect our environment. If no more plants are growing, the air that we breathe will become more and more polluted. Living in a constant smog isn’t ideal. You’ll be dealing with shorter lives and otherwise preventable respiratory illnesses. Breathing in a smog is like having asthma for people who normally don’t have asthma. If we do not protect our water ways such as lakes and such, and misuse it by dumping rubbish or chemicals in, we are harming the animals. Both of those on land and in sea. This contaminated water will then move on to the animals. Finally it will end up in our system if we consume this meat. Therefore, it will result in numerous deaths which can be prevented.No stable environment means no stable temperature and climate. Rainfalls are messed up and the climate changes globally. This affects a lot of things. One of the major things is agriculture. The growing of food would be difficult to maintain and therefore more people would be in hunger and starvation. This would then, further affect the pricing of food.

Chemicals that are being dumped into river streams will affect the fish. These fish are then not fit to be consumed. Again – prices go up. For the people who will have trouble breathing and have repository illness, they will waste hard...
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