Environmental Problems: Mellor and Laura's Views

Topics: Natural environment, Environment, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: January 22, 2014
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Masood E Laura G 1998, ‘When self-interest is a key to a better environment’, Nature, vol. 395, pp. 428-429.

Mellor, J 1998, ‘Environmental problems and poverty’, Environment, vol. 30, no. 9, pp. 8-13 28-30.

Self-interest is mandatory for effective environment has become an vital issue for the entire world say Masood and Garwin. Masood the editor of Research Fortnight and teaches international science policy at Imperial College London. They focus narrowly over the issue self- interest is a key to effective environment.

In contrast, environmental problems and poverty are inseparable in developing countries. More than 80% of the poor live outside and depend directly or indirectly on agriculture and environment for income. Mellor, director of international food policy research institute, ‘Environmental Problems and Poverty’, explores the environmental and poverty issues of developing as well as developed countries in different way. Both articles provide a practical contribution towards environment.

Masood and Garwin’s article seeks to maintain a connection between economic incentives and services should be provided to society. They argue great incentive is needed to maintain the ecosystem. In addition conservation lead to avoid cost, protecting watershed to provide clean are useful considerations maintained by them. They look narrowly at issues effecting economic incentives to conserve the resources therefore they provide a useful solution that right should be tradable. In fact it is stressed that many services are not yet scarce so requirement of useful rights.

Mellor describes various environmental and poverty problems in different ways. It is stated that with fall in income poverty increases, which may result destruction for survival. Mellor focuses broadly on the problems extensive soil erosion as well as agricultural production are caused due to...
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