Environmental Pollution

Topics: Pollution, Water, Groundwater Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: March 18, 2014

Environmental Pollution

There are three main branches how we are destroying our environment the air pollution, water pollution and soil contamination. I chose this topic because I find it very important because it affects our environment, and not only that, indeed, we affect it and the consequences that could arise destroy our home planet. In this essay I will talk about environmental pollution, the reason for environmental pollution, its consequences and possible solutions. Trying to generate some environmental awareness in society. Air pollution in large scale influences and effects our planate causing this pollution have lead to many respiratory problems. The bad news though is that “The high cost of air pollution is strikingly illustrated in its damaging effects on the human body. Besides the unpleasantness of irritated eyes and scratchy throats, it presents a threat to the respiratory tract, contributing to a number of serious diseases” (The Cause and Effect of Air Pollution). Not only is air pollution very expensive to resolve, but also the most important aspect is that it is killing and harming lives daily. In the United State the effects of air pollution have not yet truly had a fatal effect as Mexico, which is one of the countries that is suffering for this problem. “Air pollution has been shown to cause grave respiratory infections in children and chronic bronchitis in adults.

It has also been shown to worsen the condition of people with preexisting heart or lung disease” (Mishra 2003). Many people have suffered with major air pollution problems, and in some cases have led to the death of many of these innocent people.

Second, as we all know water is essential for life. Without water we could not exist. In this case as human beings we have been destroying our ecosystem without taking any measures to prevent pollution in our rivers and seas. For instance, Substances such as chemical waste, petroleum, and especially...
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