Environmental Policy, Sustainability, and Government Regulations

Topics: Environment, Natural environment, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: June 21, 2014
The impact of environmental and government regulations made United Parcel Service (UPS) an innovative company that developed a strategic environmental management system that adheres to the principles of ISO 14001 standard (UPS 2010 sustainability report, 2010). To ensure compliance with regulations in the various countries and the United States, UPS has region environmental mangers and district environmental coordinators within their operations. The managers have access to training programs that include but not limited to water and air quality, transportation environmental, hazardous waste management and underground storage tanks (UPS 2010 sustainability report, 2010). UPS was a member of the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay program that was discontinue in 2010. UPS joined EPA’s Climate Leaders program that advocated companies developing comprehensives strategies pertaining to ensuring safeguarding the climate, this program ended in September 2011 (UPS 2010 sustainability report, 2010). In 2010, UPS achieve a 6.1 % emissions index reduction that exceeded the EPA Climate Leader goals (UPS 2010 sustainability report, 2010). The company introduced the Eco responsible Packaging Program that uses cube optimization, meaning that packaging is only as large as it needs to be for shipping, the materials for packaging are environmentally friendly. The carbon neutral shipping expanded to 36 other countries (UPS 2010 sustainability report, 2010). This program using carbon offsets reduces the carbon emissions associated with shipping reducing UPS carbon impact. UPS begin facing the possibility of the depletion of scarce resources before most companies. As early as 1935, UPS begin to use alternative-fuel vehicles for transporting to the many various points across our nation. The 1,900 alternative fuel and technological advanced vehicles today are a small part of a long-run plan to protect the resources of the future (UPS 2010 sustainability...

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