Environmental Movement

Keyarius Johnson
Professor J. R. Williams
History 1302-6012
8 March 2013
The Environmental Movement The Environmental Movement was started in order to conserve the uses of the nation’s natural resources through efficient and scientific innovations by Theodore Roosevelt. Due to irresponsible uses of the natural resources, the efforts of President Roosevelt made conservation a huge part of his term. Combining his efforts with Gifford Pinchot, Roosevelt managed regulation of resource development. With his Presidential power Roosevelt, set aside 80 million acres for mineral and petroleum, tripled the size of the forest reserves to 150 million acres, and established dozens of wildlife refuges. A conference held by Roosevelt in 1908, led to the National Conservation Commission. With this commission established in 41 states an extensive support of for the movement began. While some, like large timber and mineral companies supported Roosevelt and his actions, many did not. They believed in preservation of the land, setting it aside for permanent wilderness. Not only did those who favored in preservation not support Roosevelt, but western entrepreneurs seen conservation as constant colonial subservience. They even protested by not paying federal grazing fees and set fire to forest. But the westerns did favor the 1902 Reclamation Act that established the Bureau of Reclamation that created powerful corporate farms in the west. They also welcome Roosevelt’s approach on rational development when it restrictions lowered Indian control of resources and land. Environmentalists are still bringing up those same concerns raised in the Progressive Era today. Due to oil spills, polluted rivers, and smug upon urban areas gave way to the most recent Environmental Movement. This movement drew from previous accounts on conservation and preservation during the Progressive Era. Congress began to pass laws in the 1970’s that would protect endangered species, reduce pollution,

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