Environmental Management

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Questions for Critical Thinking
1. Explain the importance of making environmental security a key priority of governments.
The government should give importance in making environmental security for the benefits of its countryman. The people should make feel secure and aware if they live in a protected place. One of the important security awareness that the government have is having the geo hazard map. Geohazard map is a geological state that represents or has the potential to develop further into a situation leading to damage or uncontrolled risk. It shows the place where it has a risk of having a landslide, flooding, and earthquake area. It shows the place where there is a high, low or moderate possibility of hazard threats. The PAGASA and PHILVOLCS are the two government department which monitors the possible typhoon and volcanic eruption in the country which also includes the earthquakes. They should have accurate monitoring of the possible calamity in order for them to easily advice the people whether they evacuate the place or not. These are only some of the importance why the government should give priority in making environmental security of the country. .

2. The House Bill 3773 “Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act” mandates a rule that restricts families to 2 children, introduces sex education for children and the distribution of artificial contraceptives. What do you think will be the implication of this to the Filipinos?

I believe that there are other means and ways by which the problems of poverty and maternal death can be solved without destroying our family values. I believe that a problem or misdeed cannot be solved by another problem or misdeed. The legislative should focus on other more compelling problems instead of problem which can be remedied by other means. Considering the reproductive health of Filipinos is already addressed by existing laws and regulations, only proper...
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