Environmental Legislation

Topics: Pollution, Recycling, Waste Pages: 7 (2054 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Executive Summary

In recent years, environmental pollutions often occurred and they were assigned to businesses’ careless on managing their wastes. In order to ease the concerns of public and stakeholders, businesses were requested to expose their environmental information and this is mandated by regulations. GFML (Go Faster Motor Ltd.) is a company which is required to corporate environmental regulations, legislation, and have legal environmental licences in each operation of its business. It is sure that being aware with the environmental law of English, EU and international law system is important for the business of GFML.

Environmental management must be incorporated in all business function of GFML in order to minimise the operational risks and maximise the business opportunities. Therefore, an Environmental Management System (EMS) is required to be established by GFML. By this, the risk of environment can be analyzed. The environmental impacts associated with all the operations of GFML’s business can be caused in the following ways, impacts from the use of natural resources (such as water, raw materials and oil), from the used of energy, from waste materials and equipments, from the transportation (such as packaging), and from the disposal of end of life vehicles.

It is important to minimize the environmental footprint of GFML. After the environmental impacts are identified, the recommendations of reducing environmental impacts are also developed by Environmental Management System (EMS).

Establishment of Environmental Management System (EMS)

An EMS is simply a set of procedures to reduce our environmental footprint in activities, and it includes the organisational structure, planning, implementing policy and maintaining policy for environmental protection. The purpose of EMS is to bring together the people, policies, plans, review mechanisms, and procedures used to manage environmental issues at a facility or in an organization. [14] Establishing an EMS, it can help GFML maintain compliance, reduce operating costs, integrate environmental programs into mission and reduce environmental impacts. Generally, organizations use a basic EMS framework as follow, and this framework is applied to GFML: 1. Plan/Identifying environmental items and establishing goals--- 2. Implementing--- 3. Checking/Monitoring--- 4. Reviewing/Acting to make needed changes. Undertaking these steps, environmental impacts of GMFL are identified, analyzed and controlled.

Identification, Description and Analysis of Environmental Impacts

To manufacture products with less environmental impact, it is important to identify the environmental impact that products cause throughout their life cycles. It is also important to disclose Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) information to help more customers use products with less environmental impact. [1] Generally, for all vehicle parts manufacturing companies, the environmental impact takes into considerations of the energy use in manufacturing, the materials and equipments used, transporting, and the recycling and scrappage of end of life vehicles. In this case, Go Faster Motors Ltd (GFML) is not exceptive company and it develops an environmental impact system, and by allocating environmental impacts for all business processes, the least steps of environmental footprint can be selected. The environmental impact items, which are highlighted by GFML, are listed as follows.

As car parts are with different features and use, the energy can be consumed a great lot during the production. The more energy efficiency is always preferred by manufacturers. Generally, energy is supplied by gas and electricity. During use of energy from gas, sulphur dioxide can be emitted, which can lead to air pollution. Also carbon dioxide emissions can be caused by energy use of electricity. Carbon dioxide emission highly affects the climate change. Climate change is now believed to be one of the...
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