Environmental Issues in China

Topics: Erosion, Poverty, Deforestation Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: May 19, 2013
North-West China has more than 60% of China’s poor people living there. The environment and location there is suffering from many problems such as serious soil erosions and desertification of the land. One example is the Loess Plateau in the North of China which is a barren land filled with ravines and gullies everywhere. Therefore, I agree to a certain extent that the North-West China has been poor due to its location. As the region is nearer towards the West, the North-West region is arid and has limited rainfall thus leading to having a large area of deserts there. The North-West region is also located quite remotely and is far away from economic centers thus it is geographically disadvantaged and isolated from the outside world due to poor transportation. Due to the limited rainfall in that area, it has led to the land there being agriculturally unproductive and thus the people there are unable to make a living with the growing of crops. Crops of all types are able to be a source of income for a family however not being able to grow crops means that the source of income is being destroyed. Not only that, being remote means it is hard to get a job in the wealthy regions as it is too far to get there and thus not possible to work there in the day and come home by night. Therefore, to get a job in these wealthy regions, the people must be prepared to get a lodging there as they cannot go home. At such a remote area, it has caused inconvenience to the people living there and thus creating transportation problems for the people. This region is typically separated from regions with modern manufacturing industries and wealthy consumer markets by long distances, insufficient infrastructure or natural barriers such as mountains. Also, being in such a position, the region is not able to attract investments as the region is far from political and economic center of a region or a country and becomes a marginalized zone. Due to the weather, location, transportation...
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