Environmental Health Care Check List

Topics: Nursing, Health care, Management Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: July 5, 2012
Wellness and prevention programs are offered to the public – Yes •Patients are discharged in a timely manner – Yes
Case management is the system of nursing care delivered for inpatient and outpatient care – Yes
Home care services are provided – Yes
Ambulatory or outpatient surgery services are offered – Yes •Opportunities exist for advanced practice nurses – Yes •Standardization of medical and nursing care plans are in effect using critical paths and evidence-based care – Yes

Skilled nursing units are available – Yes
Staffing requirements are based on acuity levels and
optimum staffing models – Yes
Supervision of non-licensed personnel is by professional nurses – Yes •Information systems are in place – Yes
Efficiency methods are sought in departments – Yes
Opportunities exist for nurses – Yes
Nursing leadership and management role are prominent – Yes

Next I will be talking about the three most important areas that I would address as a nurse manager. The top three areas that I think are the most important are wellness and prevention programs to the public, next offer opportunities to nurses and finally address making leadership and management roles more prominent. Briefly below I will be explaining each one of these important areas.

First as manager I would address wellness and prevention programs to the public. It is important to offer these programs to give the public knowledge about how to stay healthy and prevent diseases. It is also important that the public knows warning signs of heart attack, diabetes, and other diseases. By giving them the knowledge of these diseases and early warning signs will help keep heath care cost down. The emphasis should then move away from treatment of illnesses and toward health and wellness. “Health promotion and disease prevention are long-held values of the nursing profession. Nursing organizations and nursing researchers advocate preventive health services, quality of...
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