Environmental Education Program

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Persuasive Speech Outline

General Purpose: To inform.

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about my life.

Central Idea/Thesis Statement: If children are taught about environmental issues and how to live a greener life when they are young, they will become more involved in saving the planet as they get older.

I. Question: “Has anyone ever had an environmental class in elementary school?” II.My proposal is that we educate our youth about environmental issues early on and continue to do so throughout their entire schooling. I believe that if kids start learning about the environment and the troubles surrounding it at an early age that they will become more interested and concerned as they get older. They will not only become more concerned but also adapt Earth friendly living habits and become more involved in saving our planet.

I.What the program would consist of.
A.The main idea is to consistently educate students throughout their schooling about environmental issues and how to live a green life. My program would have a speaker come into a class once a month from the time the students are in first grade until eighth grade. B.The speaker would talk to the students about things such as resource consumption, water pollution, dumping, and several other environmental issues. 1. Some of these monthly sessions may include fieldtrips where the kids can have a hands-on experience with what is going on with the Earth and what we are doing to it. 2. This program would also require high schools to change their curriculum so that everyone must take one environmental class before graduating.

II.The positive effects of environmental education in elementary schools A.Kids will learn early on about environmental issues and ways to live an environmentally friendly life. 1.They will know more about the depletion of natural resources and pollution so they will be more likely to get involved with preventing it. 2. By learning...
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