Environmental Education of Recycling in Taiwan

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Environmental Education
Recycling In Taiwan

Environmental Education of Recycling In Taiwan

According to the newspaper report on Jan. 1st ,2007, more than 21 tons of trash and more than 4 tons of recyclable waste are leaved in the ground where the party hold for celebration and counting down to the New Year by government of Taipei city. Comparing to the last year, it surprised us that the amount of trash increased about 7.5 tons and the amount of recyclable waste increased 3.7 tons.(Liberty times report) From the newspaper report, we can see the problem of trash increasing and the lack of environmental education to people are endangering to our environment. The problem of trash increasing is the major cause to our environmental damage, for instance, air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution and so on. The lack of landfill and the pollution discharged from crematory would also be the important issues that we must concern about. If we cannot cope with this problem properly, our living environment would be broken easily and then our following generations would be the sufferer of awful environment. Doing trash recycle would be the good method to reduce the trash and protect our environment successfully. Through reuse the recyclable materials and manufacture into the new product could reduce the trash effectively and also save the natural resource productively. This paper is going to discuss the condition of recycling in Taiwan, and also compare with Japan which is the most success country of doing recycle in the world to analyze the distinction of doing recycle. The concept of recycling process will be given by this paper. Otherwise, the advantage of doing recycle and the consequences of not doing recycle will be reviewed in this paper as well. Moreover, provide a better suggestion and methods to achieve the recycling in Taiwan successfully. Literature Review

To reduce the trash, to reuse the product, and to recycle the waste would be the three major ways to protect the global environment successfully. (U.S environmental protection agency) In addition, the three steps of recycling process is the information we must know before we doing recycle. First step, doing categorization as you collect the recyclable waste and then process valuable materials from that; second, manufacture the recyclable materials into a product with innovative applications; final step, encourage people buying recycled products to support manufacturer to produce high-quality product. Global environmental issue becomes the most important subject nowadays; there are so many countries in the world are suffering from this issue and also it awakens all human beings. As the natural resources in the world are reducing day by day, we must pay attention on environmental issue seriously and thoughtfully due to the resource we need are increasing year by year. Conserve the natural resource and doing recycle would be the most effective thing we can do to prevent environment damage. In Taiwan, people gradually have concepts which are about the importance of doing recycle and reduce trash to protect our living environment from the policy of government and promotion which we accept from mass media. According to the statistics, the amount of trash is increasing about 50% compare with 10 years ago. (Taiwan environmental protection administration) In addition, there are about 16,000 metric ton of trash would be created per days in Taiwan, it also means everyone would create about 0.71 kg of trash in a day; it’s pretty high among the world. However, there are near 40 % in the total amount of trash is recyclable material. That’s means if we can categorize trash and do recycling, the total amount of trash would be reduced about 30% to 40%. Therefore, it’s not only achieving the goal that reduce trash, but also extending the lifespan of dump and create new resource from...
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